The Speculaas Spice Company




Learn how easy it is to make speculaas

biscuits with wooden moulds.


It takes just five easy steps:


* get one of our wooden moulds

* oil your wooden mould

* prepare your vandotsch speculaas

  spice mix infused dough

* use your mould to make speculaas

   biscuit dough figurines

* bake your speculaas biscuits


Using our eBrochure, you will be

making delicious tasting and smelling

speculaas biscuits in no time.


Get 10% off


If you would like to buy any of our wooden moulds, for your own baking and/or as gifts, please take advantage of our discount offer of 10% off with your next wooden moulds purchase. Following download of this eBrochure I will email you with your discount code.


Happy vandotsch speculaas spice baking times ahead!



The Speculaas Spice 'Master Chef'

FREE eBrochure: How to Make Speculaas Biscuits With Wooden Moulds

How To Make Speculaas Biscuits with Wooden Moulds in Five EASY Steps-001

What is in this eBrochure

Now you too can make great looking and tasting Dutch speculaas biscuits including windmill biscuits and cookies.

Become a master speculaas biscuit baker in five easy steps