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The vandotsch speculaas spice mix of nine organic spices delivers deliciously warm, sweet and spicy ‘layers’ of taste taking any simple cinnamon taste to another level.

Welcome to The Speculaas Spice Co.



We pride ourselves in supplying you with only the finest spices in our speculaas spice mix with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Where possible our spices are either organic, Fairtrade sourced or both.

The vandotsch speculaas spice mix consists of a perfectly-balanced mixture of nine organic spices including real, high grade, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, cloves, ginger and six other spices in order to give our spice mix that unique kick.


The inspiration to launch my Dutch grandmother's recipe of delicious, warm and sweet tasting speculaas spice mix came from my love of eating truly authentic Dutch Speculaas-spiced biscuits.

Our definitive sweet tasting spice mix can be used in most recipes instead of regular cinnamon where it is the main flavouring ingredient both in sweet as well as savoury dishes.

Steven Dotsch
The Speculaas Spice Master Chef

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Sinterklaas mold and speculaas spice


Xtra Large Windmill Mold & speculaas spice pack

vandotsch speculaas spice with large windmill mould

Large Windmill Mold and speculaas spice pack

vandotsch Speculaas Spice and Small Windmill Mould baking kit

Small Windmill Mold and speculaas spice pack


Large Clog mold with speculaas spice pack


Large Woman & Man Mold and speculaas pack

Woman and Man Mold and vandotsch speculaas spice pack

Woman and Man Mold and speculaas spice pack

Woman mold with vandotsch speculaas spice mix

Woman Mold and speculaas spice pack

Man mould and vandotsch speculaas spice pack

Man Mold and speculaas spice pack

pack of vandotsch speculaas spice mix

25g of vandotsch speculaas spice

vandotsch speculaas spice jar with GBBO finalist Brendan Lynch endorsement

Jar of vandotsch speculaas spice mix


Speculaas baking mix


Speculaas baking mix with cutter


Speculaas baking mix with Dutch clog mold



Windmill cutter and vandotsch speculaas spice pack

Biscuit roller and vandotsch speculaas spice pack

Biscuit roller and vandotsch speculaas spice pack


Spice grinder


Spice grinders


Comments about our spice mix

"I am happy to recommend vandotsch speculaas spice for a wide range of cakes." "The vandotsch speculaas mix contributes a lovely combination of flavours that adds warmth and the urge to have another slice – always a good indicator!" Brendan Lynch - Great British Bake Off finalist
"My initial reaction as I tucked into my first ever biscuit bake was that this spice mix just encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. The spice mix made the biscuits very light, floral and fragrant with the cinnamon coming through intensely and lingering." "The flavour journey that this spice mix takes you on is incredible. It has complex yet subtle twists and turns that add so much depth to what is quite a simple baked product." Simon, former food retail buyer, turned food reviewer at Northern Munkee
"The Speculaas Spice Company should be hailed as a very special enterprise. The amount of work they have done to allow people to recreate Speculaas biscuits is incredible; alongside their perfect and thoroughly blended spice creation and their carefully created wooden moulds, they provide newbies with instant baking expertise and an opportunity to delve into the delicious world of Speculaas biscuits." "For me the most vital part of the kit was the instructions, they provided me with the inspiration to want to perfect my craft of making a Speculaas biscuit." Sarah Cooper - Author at Pocketful of Rye
"The vandotsch speculaas spice mix has a really nice flavour and I am sure there are lots of recipes it would work really well in." "The gentle, warm flavours of the speculaas spice mix are perfect for all the family." "Whipping up a batch of Speculaas Snickerdoodle Cookies is the work of moments and they make your house smell fantastic while they are baking." April Harris - The 21st Century Housewife
"I love using vandotsch speculaas spice mix in my kitchen; the warming flavour enhances each bake that I use it in." "It also perfumes the air with its comforting aroma and that instantly makes me feel reassured." John Holland - Baker on Board Food
"The vandotsch speculaas spice mix smells a little like what I expect heaven to be." "A fragrant burst of cinnamon, accompanied with fiery ginger notes and earthy cloves, among other secret spices that make me want to use it in pretty much everything I now bake!" "I wasn't too sure how much to use - and erred on the side of caution but next time I would probably just go all out and add a whole tablespoon of the good stuff!" Anne - Anne's Kitchen
"I'd finally got round to using the speculaas moulds, and once I'd got past the initially dodgy one or two (OK, four or five or six) I really got into the rhythm and managed to pop out a couple of trays full of really rather well-moulded speculaas biccies that were much enjoyed by all the family - so thanks again for making it all possible!" Mark from East Sussex "Can't wait to get baking! I'm so pleased you're selling this. I've tried for years to get hold of these spices and it's been impossible in the UK until now, and was prohibitively expensive to get them by mail order." Caroline from Manchester

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