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Wooden molds for biscuits

Friday 10th October 2014

Dutch-made wooden molds for biscuits are now available at the Speculaas Spice Shop. We are proud to present you with our wooden molds to make authentic looking speculaas biscuits.

They are made from untreated European beech wood grown in plantations, rather than logged from a primeval forest. The molds have been carved using traditional methods in an artisan environment in The Netherlands.

We have several different wooden moulds. They would make a great gift for young and old interested in making speculaas biscuits the 'old-fashioned' way.

What are wooden moulds?

In the ‘good old’ days speculaas biscuits were made using a wooden mould, like the antique one from the 19th century on the left.

The wooden speculaas mould is the old-fashioned cake form that the (home) baker used in order to make speculaas biscuits. These days of course all this has been mechanised.

It is thought that the Dutch name speculaas comes from the Latin speculum, which means mirror, as speculaas biscuits are the mirror image of the carved wooden moulds they are baked in.

Traditionally speculaas biscuits comes in the form of windmill shaped biscuits or male or female figurines, known as 'lovers', but these days they can take many shapes.

Make authentic Dutch windmil biscuits with our windmill wooden moulds

We have two types of windmill molds, including a small and large windmill. They come with one pack of vandotsch speculaas spice mix containing 25g.

Man and woman in traditional Dutch clothing

We also have a wooden mold with a man and woman in Dutch traditional clothing They come with one pack of vandotsch speculaas spice mix containing 25g.

Happy speculaas spice baking times ahead with our wooden molds for biscuits.

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